The History of the Toilet

Talking about the history of the toilet the toilets ups and downs many people don’t care much about toilets but they are an important part of human life let’s take a look at the history of the toilet. There are many best brand toilets which are working and serving people with good and quality toilets.

The first flush toilet the flush toilet was first used in the Indus Valley Civilization as the cities there grew people wanted a more advanced system to get rid of their waists so they built flush toilets most homes had a flush toilet after using it people poured water down the brick line drain the drain then carried the waste into a large hole from there it was collected and used as fertilizer it was a system that was quite similar to what we have today.

Roman toilet culture the romans had a similar toilet system most homes had toilets but there were public ones to the public toilets became a social place where people could sit around and chat while using the bathroom more surprisingly men and women would go to the toilets together.

The Middle Ages with the defeat of the Roman Empire there early advanced toilet culture ended as well around this time people started using small containers called chamber pots in their homes there were no drains to carry the wastes away so people simply threw it out the window modern times.

Since the invention of the first modern the toilet in the 16th century the toilet has constantly been developing using the bathroom is much more comfortable now some toilets even have heated seats

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